Saturday, 27 April 2013

Champions League Finals 2013

It looks like the Champions League 2013 finals will feature 2 German clubs playing at Wembley Stadium. 

Bayern Munich destroyed Barcelona 4-0 in the first match and in the other semi finals Borussia Dortmund also beat Real Madrid by a score of 4-1 with Robert Lewandowski scoring 4 goals which is the single best performance in semifinals history.

It is unlikely either Spanish club will recover which means the finals will feature the top 2 German clubs with Bayern Munich the Bundesliga champions for 2013 as well. Bayern is in the finals 3 of the last 4 years which is an impressive feat.

If either Real Madrid or Barcelona made it to the finals it may have drawn more visitors to watch the match but with the last 4 teams that made it this far, they are all excellent teams and this shouldn't be a boring championship game. Likewise fans will probably tune in to watch the game. There are some talented players on both German squads so expect to see some goals.

Is the German league the best?

Many Germans would say of course but lets talk about some facts. The German league doesn't allow teams to spend beyond their means unlike clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United. If they don't have the income and revenue then they can't mindlessly buy players with a huge bankroll and cause problems for the teams under them. Just look at the Spanish League, it is quite boring to watch aside from El Clasico matchups. At least the Premier League is more entertaining but that is so because they have some super rich clubs. The reality is all of europe needs better regulation of player salaries. What is happening now is causing a lot of damage for the good of the game and as much as super teams can be fun to watch playing another super team, this is just not necessary at all. 

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