Saturday, 24 May 2014

Betting on the World Cup

The Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil runs from June 12th to July 13th, 2014 and will become the most bet on sporting event in the world. 

Yes that is right, The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will break many records of sorts including most watched for a sporting event as well as for the final match for a single game event. Since this is the biggest sporting event ever, it will also bet the event bet on the most as well breaking records. This will keep many online sportsbooks busy as they want to keep their players happy and as a player you can expect many perks and rewards coming your way. So yes this is the best time to bet on your favourite team for the World Cup or pick special odds like who will win the tournament MVP to top goal scorer of the competition. You can also bet on the individual matches as well.

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The event will be exciting despite the unrest in Brazil over the tournament as the country races to complete the stadiums. Hopefully this event goes off smoothly without any problems.

Most people believe Brazil will be the winning team at the end of the tournament which is a lot of pressure on the home team. They lost the last tournament they hosted against Uruguay and that has haunted them for a long time. Since Brazil has won the tournament 5 times, people believe they are just the best at football and that winning is almost automatic. This isn't the case for Brazil although that isn't to say they don't produce some of the best footballers in the world but rather the expectations are fairly high and that there are many teams hungry for a victory. Can Brazil win? Of course they can but just think about the strong teams they might have to face in order to make it. They would have to face at least 2 power houses along the way and that could have them play knock out round games against Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands to name some of them. If you think about some of the other teams, they are very strong although given less respect than the others mentioned before.

Some of the underdogs of the tournament are believed to be Uruguay, Ghana, USA, Ivory Coast, Bosnia, Croatia, Belgium, Chile, Cameroon, Mexico and Columbia.

This tournament is really tough to win and even defending champions Spain are not as high of a favourite as Brazil despite the fact they won the last world cup, last 2 euro championships and they might have the best striker in the tournament in Diego Costa who ironically enough was born in Brazil.

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