Tuesday, 19 June 2012

England vs Italy Odds Quarterfinals

England vs Italy in quarterfinals on the weekend.

England's chances to win

England won their game against Ukraine but you could say barely. They got a lucky bounce on Wayne Rooney's goal and Ukraine scored a goal where the ball cross the line but the linesman both didn't call it a goal where video replay clearly showed the ball crossing the line. That goal could have gave Ukraine momentum to score another. Despite that England are still a decent squad and it's tough to say how they will fare against Italy.

The Italians had to squeak by Croatia to qualify and they now get a tough team in England but it could have easily been France and facing England is probably a preferred matchup on a side that has to rely on Wayne Rooney and has questionable players in the line up.

Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

England 2.87
draw 3.10
Italy 2.70

Correct Score Odds

England 1-0  6.50
England 2-0  12.00
England 2-1  11.00
Draw 0-0  6.50
Draw 1-1  6.00
Italy 1-0  6.50
Italy 2-0  11.00
Italy 2-1 11.00

Rooney will most likely start and it is unknown if Mario Balotelli will be starting or put in the position like last time coming off the bench. He is a dynamic striker with a great skill set and capable of scoring goals from a distance.

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