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Euro 2012 Betting Tips

Latest Euro 2012 Betting Tips

We have compiled our latest betting tips for the Euro 2012. These tips are a combination of statistical analysis, odds comparisons between sportsbooks as well as taking advantage of bonuses and promotions to get the maximum value for your money.

Quick Tips:
  • Germany to win 3/1
  • Spain to win 11/4
  • Holland to win 13/2
  • Mario Gomez top goal scorer 7/1
  • Robin Van Persie top goal scorer 9/1
  • Fernando Llorente top goal scorer 14/1
  • Highest Scoring Team GERMANY 11/4

Top Sportsbooks & Bonuses

This list is the latest and best contests and Euro 2012 bonuses for players. If you are going to place a bet, take advantage of one of the many offers.

The Euro 2012 has some interesting story lines going into the tournament. England are not considered strong favourites after a rocky season and losing their main coach and key players going into the tournament. They are the wildcard team but who knows if the players can handle the pressure they face in every tournament. Spain are perhaps overrated this time around. Sure they have some of the best players in the world but they relied heavily on striker David Villa in 2008 and 2010 and won't have his services OR Carles Puyol. If they lose this tournament, people will point to lack of goal scoring. Italy have a cloud hanging over their head with yet another match fixing scandal to hit Italian teams and players.

You can expect a whole lot of nothing from France other than uninspired play. They have Benzema and Ribery but after that their team lacks identity. Portugual struggled to get into the tournament and expect them to go out just as easily with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the way. If he plays anything like in 2010, expect them to be early exists. The Dutch are a strong team and should be considered favourites. Perhaps the strongest team in the tournament that people are not talking about as much is Germany. They are by far the most complete team in the tournament and expect them to intimidate opponents into making mistakes and capitalizing with precision.

Top Goal Scorer Betting Tips

The top goal scorer is a tricky one to pick. The team that makes it to the final usually has a strong chance of having a top goal scorer. That said from the list of bet365 top goal scorers here are ones you should take note of:
  • Mario Gomez (Germany) 7/1
  • Robin Van Persie (Holland) 9/1
  • Miroslav Klose (Germany) 14/1
  • Fernando Llorente (Spain) 14/1

Not included in our list is Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Karime Benzema (France) and Fernando Torres (Spain). These last 3 either won't make it long into the tournament or Torres specifically won't find his goal scoring touch and lead the way for players like Llorente and Pedro as being the strikers the team can rely on the most.

Another bad bet is Wayne Rooney. He will be out the first 2 games of the tournament and there is no way that he can be top goal scorer and it also hurts England's chances of making it to the knockout stages of the tournament.

Win Euro 2012 Betting Tips

The teams with the best chances of winning are Spain, Germany and Holland (Netherlands). After that any team you pick is gambling since the odds are ordinary and rightfully so. England are currently 14/1 odds along with Italy, Portugal is 18/1 and France is 10/1 where it makes no sense for anybody to pick this team to do anything. England are a bad bet as well because they don't have Wayne Rooney for the first 2 games!

The odds are changing quickly and as every match happens they will constantly be adjusted.

Complete list of bets at Bet365 for Euro 2012

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