Thursday, 31 May 2012

Germany favourite to win Euro 2012 & Betting Odds

Read why Germany is the true favourite to win the Euro 2012 and get the latest Betting Odds

Odds Germany to win Euro 2012:  4.00

Germany is always a strong team and in the Euro 2008 they fielded a team that made it to the finals and lost by a goal. In the 2010 World Cup that team made it to the semi finals and finished 3rd and was considered a young and inexperienced team. Yet they still dominated teams like England and Argentina scoring 8 goals combined.

Also worth noting that Spain is the favourite and many teams don't always repeat their success despite Spain being 2008 & 2010 champions but they are missing the goal scoring they relied on in both tournaments from David Villa and one of their experienced defence won't be there in Carles Puyol. The top 7 teams based on odds look like this:

Bet365 Odds to win Euro 2012
Spain 3.75
Germany 4.00
Holland 7.5
France 11
England 12
Italy 15
Portugal 19

Germany are more experienced and they have great players in all positions including goalkeeper, defence, midfielders and strikers. Lets look at how strong their team is:

Miroslav Klose
Mario Gomez
Lukas Podolski
Thomas Mueller
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Phillip Lahm
Mesut Ozil
Per Mertesacker
Manuel Neuer

Gomez had a fantastic year and having 3 proven goal scorers up front makes Germany a team that can not only beat anyone but in convincing fashion. Mesut Ozil is a goal scorer and playmaker who can either draw in defenders or put them completely out of position with strategy or with a clever pass. Fans are in awe of Spain's midfield but Germany's is just as strong but they have the best attack than any other team.

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