Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Odds Wayne Rooney Euro 2012

What are the latest betting odds for Wayne Rooney at the Euro 2012 tournament?

Wayne Rooney Top goal scorer odds: 41

Surprisingly enough Wayne Rooney whom has played strong the past 2 seasons after a disastrous World Cup campaign where he was shut down. The striker we will see playing for England will be different.

Bet365 Sportsbook has odds for Wayne Rooney currently at 41 to 1 to be the top goal scorer. Ahead of him includes a list of strikers like Mario Gomez (Germany), Van Persie (Netherlands), Ronaldo (Portugual), Benzema (France) and Torres (Spain). These odds are nearly disrespectful to team England and Wayne Rooney himself. Clearly this is a huge opportunity to pick a player who has a realistic chance of scoring more than once at this tournament and being one of the leaders. 


England actually might do better at this tournament. Normally they are favourites going into any tournament but this time around they are considered more of an underdog. With less pressure to win this team actually might be able to crack through and do something England hasn't done in a very very long time. 

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