Saturday, 12 May 2012

England's chances at Euro 2012

England's chances at Euro 2012

Team England are always considered a strong team to content for any tournament to win a championship. However their track record also proves that betting on England to win the Euro 2012 is not a great idea either. England has a problem of consistently underachieving any tournament they play. Actually making the semifinal of the tournament would be considered an impressive result but the next world cup the fans would accept nothing less.

Problems going into this tournament are the fact that they just lost their coach Fabio Capello who had a strong winning record but he has to deal with problematic players like John Terry. The team possibly might have some internal problems with players not getting along. The captaincy has been a mystery for a long time and it's hard to imagine a team that has Terry on the team considering he's slept with the wife of a teammate and has been caught with a racial slur towards the brother of England teammate Rio Ferdinand.

The only way England are going to have a chance to win is that if people expect the worst of them and the pressure if off of the players. They won't be considered to be contenders like Germany, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands. These teams are considered legitimate contenders and England will have to beat at least one of these teams.

Best of luck team England, you'll need all of it. 

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